Interesting. “If you have to ask”, chances are you have ways to go. Don’t get us wrong, we realize that, since there’s no fame or glory in successful trading, there’s only money. And making money is what you ultimately want from it. And if you want money, you want it fast, you want it soon and you crave lots of it.

However, if this is the case, right now would be a good moment to slow down and allow us to make it official: you’re simply not ready for a big time yet. There are a few questions that you need to answer first, and quite a few things that you need to to do before acquiring the moral right to shake your little fists at the powers above and ask them to rain money on you.
So, what are those things?

Don’t ask “how long” ask “how”

    . We don’t want throw any more heavy metaphors at you but you do need to learn HOW to trade first, there’s no way around this one. Luckily, ForexOfficials can help you, we have plenty of articles, tonnes of webinars and a training account. Just register, sign up and start learning. We assure you, once you immerse yourself in the process, the issue of “how long before I get rich” will gradually move in the background, yielding its position to “wow, this is actually fun!”.

 2.   As Beastie Boys used to put it, “Check Your Head”
Do you have the discipline to become successful at anything, let alone such psychologically intense endeavor as trading? A good test would be to ask yourself, what are your life’s successes so far and how did you achieve them. You might have gotten lucky a few times, you might have married well, bought cheap a good house from a clueless seller, duped a neighbor into buying your broken lawnmower, built a career on flattery and the others’ misfortunes… It’s really none of our business but you need to honestly ask yourself because if these are your true successes in life, they’re not going to help you achieve the level of discipline, dedication and diligence to become a successful trader. Sorry.
    3.   How are your math skills?
They are important. Can you count? Can you do fractions in your head? Are you overwhelmed with the rows of numbers on your computer screen? How’s your intuition? Even though your calculator is near and there’s no real deadline in trading (you can always skip a trade if you’re not sure), let’s face it: the road to success in trading markets is lined in numbers, figures and mathematical symbols. It’s no big deal, again, for a beginner it always looks worse than it really is and we are ready to step in and help you but to answer “how long” you need to know if you actually have it in you.

   In summation
When all’s said and done, the question “how long until I make real money trading” is answered in an ancient Jewish manner – by a multitude of questions. How greedy are you? How anxious? How impatient? How badly do you need money? Are you willing to learn? Are you willing to accept help learning? In other words, no one can answer that question but yourself.